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<If you want to work at a restaurant happily and stably, go to the five senses>

Monthly salary: 270,000 to 500,000​yen

Gokan, an izakaya where you can enjoy the creation of French and Japanese cuisine. Fresh fish purchased directly from the market in Kyoto, Tajima beef purchased from the home of Tajima, rice, soy sauce, and plums... Not only are we particular about the ingredients, but we are also particular about the space design, the sound, and the width of the chairs by the lighting designer. . Fusion and evolution, tradition and innovation, everyday and extraordinary... A shop where you can always make new discoveries. Of course, we will respond to those who work hard in terms of compensation and treatment. Currently, there are two stores in the Sannomiya area of Kobe. We are looking for people who are passionate about their work, even if they have no experience.



<store manager / management experience / 40 years old joined>

Starting salary 425,000 yen + various allowances

<Inexperienced/30 year old hire>

Starting salary 355,000 yen + various allowances

*Example annual income: 4.2 million yen to 10 million yen


◆Appeal point:

I would like to challenge new fields in the future, mainly in the food and beverage industry.

I think it's a perfect workplace for people who are curious and can work on various things.


Personnel we are looking for:

  • Restaurant inexperienced people are welcome!

  • Store management experience welcome!

  • Experienced cooks welcome!

  • We are looking for people with aspirations, regardless of educational background. We are looking for a wide range of people regardless of age.


Working hours/days:

[Working hours] 8:30 to 24:30 (change by shift system)


[Holiday] From 8th of the month

*You can choose a holiday that suits your style.

◆Work location:

3-minute walk from Motomachi Station/Sannomiya Station on each line

*Multiple stores are in development, all in the Sannomiya/Motomachi area.


[Five senses] 3-minute walk from Sannomiya Station/Motomachi Station on each line

* Each affiliated store is also within walking distance from Sannomiya Station and Motomachi Station.

◆ Treatment/Benefits:

《Monthly salary 270,000 to 500,000 yen》

・Various allowances available

・Various social insurance

・Transportation expenses stipulated amount payment

・Pay raise assessment once a month

・Incentive once every 3 months

・試用期間 1ヶ月

​ *We have resumed normal business on weekdays from November.






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